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Indian Food Secrets

Healthy Eating Habits in India
Autor: Thomas Longe
Sprecher: Dominic Carlos
Spieldauer: 51 Min.

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Discover Indian food secrets rich in taste and nutrition. We often here of the near miraculous properties of Indian spices and herbs, but these are all just ingredients used in creating the flavorful, healthy dishes of Indian cuisine. India is a country of many regional cultures, traditions, and, most importantly, tastes! Throughout this book, we'll take a food adventure across India with different cooking styles. Most notable are the healthy eating habits that the people of India follow in their everyday life. Packed with delicious recipes, you'll find a dish that suits you whether that be for breakfast or dessert. Here are some amazing book highlights: A world of Indian dietary habits

  • Learn about the history of Indian eating habits
  • Explore the many health benefits of traditional ingredients

Secrets of wellness in Indian eating habits

  • Learn how proper eating posture contributes to healthy eating
  • Discover the importance of proper cooking utensils

Real recipes of India packed with flavor!

  • More than 20 Indian recipes from all regions
  • Learn how to make traditional dishes like Dum aloo, Poha, Kootu Curry
  • Prepare various recipes from breakfast to dessert

©2016 Thomas Longe (P)2016 Thomas Longe

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