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    This book will make an outlandish promise: the wealth of God, regarding wisdom and the grace to increase in any skill, ability, or knowledge needed to do any God-ordained task is available to anyone who has the faith to receive it. This book is a mix of biblical examples and my examples. I'm hoping that these examples inspire everyone who reads them to believe God for an increase in their skills, abilities and knowledge to do whatever it is they are called to do. The Bible says in Daniel 11:32 that "the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits." The supernatural enhancement of your skills and abilities is part of the great endowment of the father; the great inheritance he has left for us. What you will see in these examples is that God's help was available to those with relatively small jobs and to those who had leadership jobs with a national scope.

    ©2017 Ivan G Thompson (P)2017 Ivan G Thompson

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