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    Discover your hidden reservoirs of power.

    Ralph Waldo Trine’s In Tune with the Infinite is one of the most significant works of mind power ever published. When the book first appeared in 1897, few Americans had heard terms like law of attraction, higher power, or positive thinking - Trine introduced these themes and others into mainstream life, teaching millions how to tap the creative faculties of higher thought.

    Now, historian Mitch Horowitz condenses and reintroduces Trine’s masterwork for a new generation. In this book, you will discover the simple, persuasive, and alluring lessons that popularized transcendental thought throughout the world. What’s more, you will learn how to use the mystical forces within you for the betterment of yourself and those you love. 


    • The simple phrase that brings you in tune with the infinite.
    • The source of all power - and how it is ever waiting to serve you. 
    • The proper frame of mind to attract money. 
    • The secret truth that unites all religions. 

    Ralph Waldo Trine, Mitch writes in his introduction, “brought to everyday Americans ideas that were jarring, fresh, anti-mainstream, and transcendent. That such themes of spiritual possibility sound so familiar to us in the twenty-first century is testament to the author’s legacy.”

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