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    Do you suffer from depression that is chronic or recurring?

    Are you tired of the way it controls your life and want to change that?

    You can do it with this simple book!

    Depression can come in many forms and can strike you down when you least expect it. It has no respect for age, wealth, health or happiness, and sufferers can experience life-altering shifts in their overall wellbeing and contentment if they do not act fast to counteract it. Often it is with drugs that depression is controlled, but there are alternatives.

    In this audio, In Control of Depression, you will find some other solutions that will help you to take back control in your life and be able to enjoy better mental health, with advice on:

    • An overview of what depression is
    • Medication and other forms of treatment
    • The causes of depression
    • Healthy habits that can stave off depression or even cure it
    • How to live with depression without it consuming you completely
    • The joy of living without depression weighing you down

    Depression is one of those mental conditions that does not seem to need any help to take active control of your mind. The results can be debilitating at best and catastrophic in extreme cases, so you need all the help you can get to understand the condition and take appropriate action.

    And with In Control of Depression, you have a book that will help you every single step of the way.

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    ©2020 John MItchum (P)2021 John Mitchum

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