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    Siberia, 1908: A massive explosion occurs above the Tunguska region - known as the Tunguska Event - releasing the equivalent energy of 185 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. An asteroid impact or comet fragment is thought to have been the cause. It happened then, and it will happen again....

    Mysterious whale deaths....

    Wales, UK - When a blue whale gets washed ashore and dies in front of Robert Spire on his local beach, the UK's Department of the Environment and local population are ill-prepared. When a second whale washes up dead on Myrtle Beach on the opposite side of the Atlantic, the scientific community realizes it has a mystery on its hands, and questions need answering.

    A quest for meteorite fragments....

    Environmental lawyer Robert Spire, newly recruited to the UK's Global Environmental Command Unit - GLENCOM, flies over to South Carolina to investigate. While there, he teams up with marine biologist Dr. Sally Rivea, also assigned to the case. Meanwhile in Nevada, US, ex-Marine Travis Dexter is on the run after he discovers the body of his employer - philanthropist Julian Smithies - murdered in his home. The only object missing: a recently discovered, rare, and valuable space meteorite, its origin unknown.

    A future global cataclysm....

    On the island of Exuma in the Bahamas, four sport divers make a startling discovery at the bottom of Mystery Cave blue hole. Sixty miles offshore in the Caribbean Sea, drilling on the Proteus oil rig turns to disaster as the drill bit snaps as it strikes something hard on the ocean floor. Dr. Rivea, at a loss to explain the high levels of the mineral olivine discovered in the whale's tissue samples, accompanies Spire to the Caribbean in search of answers, but when they get there, the mystery only deepens as they unearth a conspiracy with cataclysmic consequences....

    Robert Spire is propelled into a fast-paced action-adventure thriller.

    ©2014 Simon Rosser (P)2019 Chris McDonnell, Simon Rosser

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