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    Immediate Happiness covers numerous challenges we face in everyday life, ranging from creating healthy relationships, creating abundance, creating wealth, motivational and inspirational insights, moving past fears, finding the meaning in life, and success, as well healing and health. In short, this is a manual for finding your life purpose.

    • Do you have an issue with a spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend or co-worker?
    • Do you lack energy?
    • Do you need clarity?
    • Do you find yourself saying things you later regret?
    • Do you wish you had more effective communication to express your feelings and wants?
    • What are you holding onto that is holding your life back?
    • Are you happy, vibrant and fearless in your life?

    All of the answers and more are within this book. Whether you want to get closer to your child, break out of the dating facade, appreciate your spouse more, gain respect or communicate more effectively, the time is now to begin. Let's start the journey that will release you from all of the constraints of the past and create a beautiful future NOW!

    • Topics include:
    • Integrity
    • Honesty
    • Relationships to oneself
    • Relationships to others
    • How to choose your friends
    • Overcoming obstacles
    • Parenting
    • Friends
    • Becoming focused
    • Manifesting courage
    • How to deal with disappointments
    • How to choose relationships wisely
    • How to succeed
    • Where fulfillment comes from
    • How to be happy
    • Rules for happiness
    • Filters
    • Gratitude
    • Your past does not equal the future
    • Magical moments
    • The power of thought
    • Pain and suffering
    • Listening skills
    • Being right
    • The secret to success
    • Overcoming fears and their cost, and much more.

    ©2016 Anil Gupta (P)2016 Anil Gupta

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