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Ibn Battuta

Autor: David Angus
Spieldauer: 14 Min.

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Beschreibung von Audible

Adventurous listeners will find themselves whisked away to another time and place in David Angus’ Ibn Battuta, one of nine installments in his Great Explorers series, which concisely summarizes the life and accomplishments of this famed 14th-century Moroccan explorer who is considered to this day one of the most accomplished and admirable travelers of all time, visiting the equivalent of 44 modern-day countries over the course of his lifetime.

Throughout Angus’ enchanting Great Explorers series, skilled voice actors Sam Dastor, Frances Jeater, and Kerry Shale provide consistently compelling performances, presenting these brief biographies in clear, crisp tones and effectively highlighting the most thrilling and transformative aspects of these legendary journeys.


This is a story from the Great Explorers collection.

Here are the stories of nine great adventures and the lives of the men who took part in them. They pushed back the frontiers of man's knowledge of the world by their vision, courage, and sheer doggedness. They were very different people, from bold adventurers facing the unknown with enjoyment to careful, more scientific individuals. Their journeys are placed within their historical context, but also contain the words of the men themselves.

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