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I Want to Be Happy

Swallow the Happy Pill Extended Edition
Autor: Craig Beck
Sprecher: Craig Beck
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 26 Min.

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"I was born feeling empty on a certain level. So I thought I would be an actor and I believed that I ever made it big, it would fix me. Then I made it and found it didn't fix me - and I thought, so now what?" Rob Lowe

So many people feel a deep, empty ache inside themselves that no amount of money, success, sex, drug, or any other material thing appears to make the slightest bit of difference to. What causes this sensation of being lost and sad on this amazing planet, ripe with opportunities and wonder?

In this profound and life-changing book, new thought author and ITunes number-one best seller Craig Beck explains that the sensations of happiness, peace, and purpose that you so desperately crave are not where you think they should be.

  • You are about to discover a paradigm shift that will alter your whole world
  • Feel a deep sense of peace spread throughout your life
  • Attract abundance with easy
  • Stop self-destructing your relationships
  • See the love in everyone that touches your life
  • Feel the true depth of happiness and contentment that you have longed for all your life

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