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    Real love vs fantasy bond - know the difference. Happily ever after begins with a bang, saying "I do"; but along the way to ever after, many who once professed so passionately "I do" soon experience a change of heart and slip down the slope of "I do not" and just can't anymore. What was once a titanium bond begins a slow crack to abandon. Keeping the magic alive is possible only when two partners are living heart to heart in marriage.

    With a down-to-earth style and refreshing perspective on how to keep a marriage thriving with meaning, adventure, and romance, Dr. Clarke provides sensible advice for keeping the heart of marriage beating strong and true. I Do Ever After is a hands-on marriage resource that will inspire the married couple to keep the dream of their happily ever after alive and well.

    ©2015 Holt Clarke (P)2016 Holt Clarke

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