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    They won the battle. For now. But Junco lost more than she can handle to get that job done. The ancient aliens are returning to Earth and their long-awaited prophecy is about to unfold.

    Lucan and his army need Junco to do her job if they have any chance of living through the ancient prophecy. They need her to follow directions and focus

    But Junco’s friends are dead - some of them at her own hand. 

    Her home is gone, her mind is more unstable than ever, and ghosts from the past are haunting her. 

    And now she finds out they’ve been lying to her? How could she ever trust anyone again? 

    Can a girl who was born a monster feel loyalty and love? 

    Or will she let them all die in the end?

    ©2015 JA Huss (P)2020 Podium Audio

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