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Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Anyone: Discover the Secret Hypnotic Techniques and Language Patterns to Hypnotize and Persuade Anyone

Autor: Leonard Moore
Sprecher: Gene Blake
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 23 Min.

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Learn the real techniques to hypnotize people and talk to their subconscious.

If you have ever wondered about the mysteries of hypnosis, you are not alone. It's something that has always been surrounded by wonder and mystery. However, hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that people have harnessed and focused, and if you learn the right techniques you too can successfully hypnotize other people and speak to their subconscious mind.

In this book, you'll learn everything you need to know to hypnotize anyone using a step-by-step process from induction to deep trance, to speaking to the subconscious, as well as ending the session and setting up goals.

This guide will give you all the materials you need if you're starting from scratch, as well as more advanced scripts and hypnotic techniques to progress further. You'll also find answers to the most common questions like: How and why does hypnosis works? What does it feel like? What are the conscious and subconscious?

This audiobook will teach you:

  • What is hypnosis and how it works
  • 3 steps to induce a trance (with exact scripts you can use)
  • Hypnotic techniques world's top hypnotists use
  • Betty Erickson's 3-2-1 script
  • 5 techniques to focus anyone's attention and sneak into the subconscious
  • How to hypnotize anyone using breath, voice, memorization and language
  • The staircase: How to use metaphors to speak to the subconscious
  • Hypnotic tips, tricks and secrets that most people don't know
  • How to use hypnosis to help people achieve their goals easier
  • A complete script to take someone from beginning to end in a hypnotic session
  • Myths and frequently asked questions about hypnosis

Believe me, once you get started with hypnosis you won't want to stop.

Learn the real hypnotic techniques today! Get this audiobook today!

©2018 Leonard Moore (P)2018 Leonard Moore


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