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    Islamic terrorists, a diabolical plan, deadly radiation, and the beautiful daughter of a Russian gangster all collide outside a packed stadium, raucous with cheering fans. Complex actions combine terrorists, government manipulation, multiple attacks on the witnesses, and rough justice - Upper Peninsula style.

    Take your pick of death and drama: slow by radiation, intimate as a knife in the back from a camouflaged stalker, or sudden, with the crack of high-powered firearms. The killings play against the slow, grinding gears of federal laws and politics.

    Matt and Tanya Hunter again team with Webb to produce a gripping, suspenseful, and timely pause-resister.

    A novel of terrorism, courageous actions, federal law, and self-preservation set in Michigan's Lower and Upper Peninsulas.

    ©2014 John Hager (P)2015 John C. Hager

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