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Discover 21 fundamental principles of human psychology to understand people and influence their actions

Human psychology itself is a vast topic that requires many years of research and attention to truly learn the entire subject. However, you likely don't have many years of time to invest in research if you want to start using human psychology to direct human actions and behaviors now. For that reason, in this audiobook you'll find 21 of the most important human psychological traits that you should know if you want to use someone's psychology to influence and direct them to act and behave in certain ways.

Each of these topics will be explored in-depth, allowing you to understand what they are, how they work, why people experience them, and how you can use them to direct people's behaviors.

Whether you are a boss looking to have greater control over your employees or to create a more positive atmosphere, a friend looking to increase the positive energies and emotions experienced by your friend or family member, or someone who is looking to get people to do more for them effortlessly, understanding human psychology is essential. Not only will this help you understand behaviors themselves, but it will also help you understand what drives them and how you can use this knowledge to drive the behaviors yourself.

Some precious lessons you'll learn:

  •     How people take decisions and how to influence them
  •     How to understand other people's perception and take advantage of it
  •     Freud's theory of personality
  •     Are morals always a good thing?
  •     Core values that drive human behavior
  •     The biggest reason people lie
  •     Psychology behind cheating
  •     How to take advantage of social influence
  •     The psychology of love and how to take advantage of it
  •     And much more

Learn the right principles to get in control! Get this audiobook now!

©2018 Leonard Moore (P)2018 Leonard Moore

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