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    A will can be written by anyone, but not everyone can write a tax-efficient will. Having a will can save your family much headache as it informs others of the desired distribution of your estate in your absence. It can provide the clarity needed to avoid conflict and maintain family harmony. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to plan for the future of your loved ones. It enables you to make arrangements to:

    • Avoid an inheritance tax bill of 40 percent should your assets be above the nil rate band.
    • Avoid leaving the decision as to how minors or less-abled children will be cared for in your absence to the Courts.
    • Begin financial planning.
    • Outwit the taxman.
    • Address complicated family relationships such as marriage, divorce, remarriage, life interest, trusts, foreign spouses, property in multiple jurisdictions, and lots more.
    • Pass on your business to the next generation tax-free with the right planning.
    • Safeguard tax reliefs specific to certain types of property such as agricultural lands. 
    • Have a say in how your remains are dealt with.
    • Make provisions for your pets.
    • Benefit charities and many causes close to your heart. 

    A will can be written by anyone, but not everyone can write a tax-efficient will. This book enables you to bridge that gap. It uses real-life examples and drafts sample wills from beginning to end. It enables listeners to appreciate how they may apply the facts and then draft wills to their own circumstances. Everyone’s situation is different. The guidance provided in this book is priceless as you consider your own circumstance and how you may write your own tax-efficient will.

    About the author

    Deborah Bowers is a solicitor of England and Wales, with a Master of Laws in Commercial and Corporate Law from Queen Mary & Westfield College and a Master of Laws in Business Law from the University of Hertfordshire. She is also a certified STEP advanced will writer. 

    ©2021 Deborah Bowers (P)2021 Deborah Bowers

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