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    Beat procrastination forever with this ultimate productivity bundle.

    Is procrastination holding you back? Everyone procrastinates sometimes. But, for many of us procrastination has become a lifestyle - a lifestyle that slowly becomes our lives.

    If you are tired of feeling buried by missed deadlines, of fighting through the stress of last minute catch-up work, and of never having enough time for what you really want to do, author and productivity expert Tom Shepherd is here to help.

    Shepherd understands what it’s like to be a chronic procrastinator because he used to be one. In his two books, he tells you step-by-step ways to leave a life of procrastination behind forever.

    These books don’t preach at you or try to make you feel guilty. Instead, they help you develop the mindset changes and daily habits that will transform you from a deeply committed procrastinator to the most productive person you know.

    This collection has both Procrastination and How to Stop Procrastinating.

    Procrastination provides you with a set of tools for an action-oriented life. You will discover:

    • How procrastination can be a symptom of other problems
    • The relationship between procrastination and your health
    • Understanding reverse procrastination
    • Learning how to maximize motivation, energy, focus, and time
    • How to improve your self-discipline
    • And much more

    How to Stop Procrastinating is part memoir of how Shepherd transformed from a chronic procrastinator into a happier, hyper-productive person. It is part template to help you overcome your own procrastination issues. You will learn:

    • Why we procrastinate
    • What happens inside your mind when you procrastinate
    • Understanding habits
    • Creating your own personal definition of productivity
    • How to develop the skills that will bring massive levels of productivity
    • And much more

    Each of these books on their own is a master class in what it takes to beat procrastination and become more productive. Together, they are an indispensable resource for anyone who is tired of procrastinating but can’t seem to figure out how to change their habits.

    This Procrastination bundle is more than a set of productivity books. It is the secret to living a happier, fuller life.

    If you, or anyone you know, struggles with productivity, you need this bundle today!

    Don’t wait another moment! Buy the the bundle right now! 

    ©2018 Tom Shepherd (P)2018 Tom Shepherd

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