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    Did you know you can sell digital goods on eBay? You can sell items like photographs, MP3 files, eBooks (PDF and other formats), and more.

    This book will show you how to sell digital products on eBay. When selling eBooks you will need to follow the new eBay rules, which are discussed in detail in this book.

    This book covers the following:

    • Changes to the eBay stores
    • Casual eBay sellers
    • Opening an eBay store
    • Benefits of running an eBay store
    • How do you open an eBay store?
    • How to place an ad on eBay
    • Best times to list eBay items for sale
    • How long should you list your products for sale?
    • How should you sell your eBooks for on eBay?
    • How much do "print on demand" companies charge?
    • Your eBay digital product ad disclaimers
    • Negative feedback
    • Sales funnels for eBay sales

    This book will help you make money by selling digital products, such as eBooks, on eBay.

    ©2017 Paul D. Kings (P)2017 Paul D. Kings

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