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    Have you ever suffered from a breakup? I still remember every heartbreak I’ve ever had. If I try, I can still bring back the agony of those months after a relationship ended, wondering if I was ever going to feel better and get back to my normal self. When you’re feeling that pain of losing someone, food doesn’t taste good, TV shows depress you, and your favorite places feel cursed because they bring back bittersweet memories. Life feels like white noise, and your every waking moment goes back to that feeling of loss and pain. We’ve all been there, right? But there is a secret to emotionally recovering from a breakup, one that is shockingly simple but so crucial that if you forget to do it, you will inadvertently double the amount of time it takes to get over your ex. 

    See, most of us make bad decisions in a breakup. We drink to numb the pain, we have one-night stands with people we don’t care about, or we eat ourselves into oblivion with junk food. It sucks now, I know. But it will get better, trust me.

    In this audiobook, you will learn:

    • The best secret to recover from a breakup
    • The most important step you have to do to recover
    • Life-changing hidden secrets of getting clear about your breakup

    Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Try the proven method to avoid the pain of seeing your ex, and learn to recover as fast as possible. 

    You need to ask yourself this question: Where will you be next month? Or next year? Really. Think about it. Give yourself a chance, and buy this audiobook today. Get back your confidence NOW!

    ©2018 David Kove (P)2018 David Kove

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