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    How to Make Girls Want You! is a guide for the average guy who is struggling to have success with the opposite sex. This book contains practical advice for attracting girls and real-world examples that you can use now to improve your own life.

    As you're probably well aware, there are a huge number of so-called "systems" out there that promise a magic-bullet solution for attracting girls. I'm here to tell you that they are, for the most part, total crap.

    A number of the most popular "systems" promote bombarding the girl you like with subtle negative comments to erode her self-confidence. Think about how silly that sounds. Most guys who need this kind of help don't possess the courage or self-confidence to even ask a girl out on a simple date, let alone pepper her with negative comments to her face.

    Not only are these overly complicated methods for attracting women a waste of your time, they'll actually hurt your chances.

    How to Make Girls Want You! is not one of these overly elaborate systems. Rather, it's a smack in the face with some useful, real-world advice that you can implement to make your life better...immediately!

    The reality is that I've made a lot of mistakes over the years before I stumbled onto what actually works. I know how you can get girls to like, respect, and want to date you. Now I want to put that accumulated knowledge to work for your benefit!

    Let's get started together....

    ©2013 Galleon Publishing (P)2013 Galleon Publishing

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