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    Have you noticed that some guys seem to do virtually nothing and still get girls throwing themselves at them? Or perhaps you have even been on the receiving end of a hot girl you like complaining to you that some "bad boy" won't give her the time of day. You are left dumbstruck as to why she is chasing such a douche when there is such a great guy sitting right next to her.

    Do you worry that you are not attractive enough, not smart enough, or not cool enough to get the sort of girlfriend that you really want? You are about to discover that attraction is not a choice. If you act in a way that hits her buttons, she simply can't choose to not be attracted to you.

    In this powerful book, self-confidence coach and master hypnotist Craig Beck is going reveal the complete blueprint to how you can become the sort of guy that girls can't resist.

    You will learn:

    • How to break out of your comfort zone and become fearless around girls
    • How to get the self-confidence of Bond and become an unattainable man of mystery who drives women crazy
    • How to approach girls and what to say
    • Why powerful body language makes you so sexy to girls
    • The fastest way to get a girl's number
    • And much more

    ©2003 (P)2016

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