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    Learn how to escape the friend zone one and for all! In How to Get Out of the Friend Zone: The Ultimate Guide to Being Authentic About Your Intentions to Turn Friendship into a Relationship, you'll learn about why you often find yourself in this dreaded zone, what to do if you are there, and how to escape this grey area to begin living your life fully.

    Everyone including yourself deserves to have a fulfilling and loving relationship with a significant other. If you have constantly found yourself falling for a good friend but never having the courage to state your intentions, this book is for you. It's time to take control and responsibility for where you are in your personal relationships. Jim and Pam from The Office was not just a once in a million example of a great man successfully getting out of the friend zone. Take an hour, read this book, and take your situation into your own hands.

    • Here is a preview of what is inside this book:
    • Foreword
    • What is the Dreaded Friend Zone?
    • Why Does the Friend Zone Exist?
    • Are You in the Friend Zone? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself
    • So You Are in the Friend Zone, Now What?
    • How to Authentically Express Your Feelings
    • Potential Risks about Leaving the Friend Zone
    • 3 Reasons to Take the Leap of Faith and Leave the Friend ZoneJ
    • How to Leave the Friend Zone
    • How to Avoid the Friend Zone in the First Place
    • Wrapping Everything Up: 11 Key Lessons
    • Final Word/About the Author
    ©2015 Clayton Geoffreys (P)2015 Clayton Geoffreys

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