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How to Dryland Train for Swimming

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Dryland Training for Swimming
Sprecher: Nick Gallagher
Spieldauer: 43 Min.

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If you want to train for swimming without dipping into the water and without getting exposed to sunlight, then you need to download a copy of this guide.

In this step-by-step guide you will be able to reap the following benefits:

  • Learn how to swim easily and quickly at the comfort of your own home
  • Practice swimming without getting wet and sunburned
  • Learn how to swim without worrying about getting your skin exposed to the heat of the sun
  • Learn the different core exercises in relation to the four swimming strokes
  • Perform proper stretching exercises and positions before starting the training
  • Learn how to increase your power, agility and endurance
  • Discover techniques on how to boost the power of your legs and upper body
  • And much more

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