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    Whether it’s your first job in Japan or a plan for career transition, working in the recruitment industry can be extremely rewarding, fun, and lucrative. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the Japanese recruitment landscape, provide actionable tips, and set you up for success throughout the entire interview process. 

    In 2013, there were over 3,000 registered recruitment agencies in Japan. Five years later, the number has more than doubled to over 7,000 firms. There is a severe labor shortage in Japan, an increase in foreign investment, and a growing need for high quality recruiters. Since many of the recruitment agencies work with international companies, it’s a job that you can do with relatively little to no Japanese language ability. 

    This audiobook covers everything from submitting your resume to choosing the culture that bests fits your needs. It also provides exclusive interview tips and salary negotiation techniques. You'll gain knowledge on these topics:

    • What type of recruitment agency is right for you
    • In-depth review of recruitment business models/styles
    • How to ace role-play interviews and answer trick questions
    • Dozens of great questions you can ask interviewers 
    • Biggest mistakes to avoid and overcoming the perception of being a "flyjin"
    • Salary structures, perks, and negotiation strategies

    And that’s not all.... I’ve also compiled a list of tools, resources, websites, and books that will help you along the way. This book is ideal for entry level and new graduates, ex-English teachers, and midlevel to senior professionals.

    ©2018 Misha Yurchenko (P)2019 Misha Yurchenko

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