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    From front-page notoriety and being fired from his job to becoming a Singaporean citizen and LinkedIn’s most recommended CEO, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and best-selling author.

    This is about his journey of how LinkedIn changed Chris J Reed's life and how to make other entrepreneurs into LinkedIn rock stars. Chris loves to share his entrepreneurial journey and how he became both famous and infamous through the power of LinkedIn.

    The tips, tricks, hacks, and lessons he shares in this, his fourth best-selling book, anyone can use to achieve their own rock star success.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, job seeker, graduate, keynote speaker, someone seeking to move to a new country, or get a promotion, or maybe you wish to enhance your personal brand, become a thought leader, or win new clients, new funding, or new employees - you can do everything on LinkedIn that you wish and achieve your professional goals.

    This book is the culmination of over a decade of Chris' experience of using LinkedIn globally to find clients both for himself through his acclaimed firm, Black Marketing, and for his clients across the world.

    This book incorporates the best of his three previous international best-selling books - LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs, Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs, and Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs, as well as updates on all the tips and advice, so you, too, can become a LinkedIn rock star.

    About the author: Chris J “The Only CEO with a Mohawk” Reed is the number one most recommended global LinkedIn marketing expert and leads the number one Most Recommended Global LinkedIn Masterclass and is the CEO and founder of the number one most recommended global LinkedIn marketing firm, Black Marketing, with 2,000 LinkedIn recommendations.

    Chris is also probably one of the most talked-about and infamously known as "The Only CEO with A Mohawk", recognized globally by his notorious pink mohawk!

    ©2020 Chris J. Reed (P)2020 Chris J. Reed

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