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    Simple advice to help women who are stuck in relationship limbo or dealing with men who won’t commit. In this audiobook, you’ll listen to how confident, self-made, no BS kind of women handle the dating game and have the time of their life in the process. In this audiobook, you’ll learn:

    • How to let go of clingy, insecure behavior that sends men looking for an escape route.
    • How to attain the kind of confidence men love.
    • How to be Independent without being masculine.
    • What to do when a man tells you he’s not looking for a serious relationship.
    • When and how to use the “No Contact” rule.
    • Tips to keep you date night ready at all times.
    • Why bending over backward trying to please every man you date never works.
    • Ways to use your femininity to your advantage, even if you’re not the feminine type.
    • How to maintain a little mystery in your life.
    • Why financial independence is key to your happiness.
    • What to do when he pulls.
    • How to handle being stuck in relationship limbo.
    • What to do when a man stops calling.
    • Social media do’s and don’ts.
    • The benefits of dating multiple men.
    • How to stop playing hard to get and start being hard to get.
    • And so much more.

    If insecurities and self-doubt bring out the worst in you, it is time retrain your way of thinking to attract love into your life. Whether going through a breakup, diving back into the dating pool, stuck in relationship limbo or trying to get your ex back after a break-up, this audiobook is for you. You’ll learn how the most irresistible, confident, self-assured women handle dating with little effort and a lot of class and sass.

    ©2017 Leslie Braswell (P)2020 Leslie Braswell

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