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How to Be an Alpha Male

10 Secrets Only Alpha Males Know
Sprecher: Scott Clem
Spieldauer: 41 Min.

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When was the last time you stood up and led your organization? Are you feeling stuck as the follower in your personal and professional life? Are you the hunter or the hunted in your business and personal life?

What if I told you that you can seize the day by harnessing the power that is within you by becoming a strong, independent, and confident alpha male?

What is an alpha male?

First, let me tell you what an alpha male is not. A true alpha male is not what our society portraits him to be, i.e. the bully always looking for a fight. Rather, he is a strong, confident, calm, yet assertive man whose focus is second to none, and does quite well for himself without the approval of others. He is driven to fully express himself in all areas of life not to show off or to please others. Rather, he's driven by his own inner guidance, his winner's image, and his limitless imagination. He's got it all together. Calm yet assertive, honest, and confident. He has high self-esteem, he is kind, and he is compassionate. But don't take his kindness for weakness; he's more powerful than you think.

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • The history of the alpha and why you should become one
  • Common misconceptions of the alpha vs. true alpha
  • The 10 essential keys to the modern day alpha male
  • How to unlock untapped potential within you
  • How to be the hunted instead of the hunter

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