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    Do you dream of running your own successful virtual assistant business? Do you want a better work-life balance? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to be in control of your health, time, and be there for loved ones? If you're looking for a book that can give you the tools and the courage you need to change your life, then you've found it! 

    How to Be a Virtual Assistant is the essential handbook for anyone who wants to start and run their own successful business as a VA. This book will guide you through everything you need to do to be a successful virtual assistant. With an abundance of insider tips on what to do - and more importantly, what not to do - she has included the kind of detail that can make or break a new business, including:

    • How to find clients
    • Building your reputation
    • What to charge
    • How to network
    • Working with associates
    • What to do when you lose a client
    • How to find your niche 

    Catherine Gladwyn, founder of Delegate VA - Virtual Assistant, went from a PA to a thriving business owner, and you can follow in her footsteps.

    Gain insights into every step of the process and practical advice on subjects from finding your niche to finding clients, what services to offer, and what to charge to how to prepare for losing clients and avoid running out of money.

    With honesty, directness, and a large pinch of Catherine's trademark humor, How to Be a Virtual Assistant will not only give you vital techniques for building your business but the self-belief you need to step out of your comfort zone and do it!

    Catherine is passionate about cheerleading people who are unappreciated and unsatisfied in their jobs to create a happier, healthier lifestyle for themselves. As she says: "I've looked high and low for the definition of work where it says; unbearable, depressing, thankless."

    ©2018 Catherine Gladwyn (P)2018 Catherine Gladwyn

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