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    This is an audiobook for all patriots who love America, and want to see this nation return to its foundations of liberty, equality, and opportunity for all people. Like Thomas Jefferson's famous "Jefferson Bible", Jason Newcomb's new book examines the ethical and moral teachings of Jesus without any reference to miracles or supernatural events. Newcomb's new book is even more concise, confining itself to the actual words that Jesus spoke. What emerges is a simple and beautiful ethical framework for a just society.

    This is a book for Christians and non-Christians alike. Christians will have an opportunity to explore the teachings of Jesus in a whole new way, with specific reference to the future of our culture. Non-Christians will get to see that the visionary doctrine of universal love that Jesus taught is a message for all people that is as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.

    ©2008 Jason Newcomb (P)2015 Jason Newcomb

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