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    The Beatles history has been told and retold for more than half a century. This user-friendly reference book will focus on the material they wrote and recorded, and artists who influenced that material. How did The Beatles do it? Musically! That's how.

    As we all know, many recording artists who followed them were greatly influenced by their body of work. I have gathered annotated quotes, a few by some of the artists who were directly and indirectly influenced by the songs, and the legendary recordings produced by George Martin, Phil Spector, and Chris Thomas (The White Album).

    I have paid attention to detail in the analysis of when and where certain songs were conceived and taken some liberties in the assumption of certain songs, but have done my best to present solid evidence of the possible influences. The best part of the equation is you. You'll be able to go listen to certain songs by the artists who may have influenced The Beatles, and you'll be able to make final decisions.

    This is a content-heavy audiobook with a lot of analysis. It is designed for Beatle fans new and old. This is a band that has transcended generations. Future generations will be following the songwriting model Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison created with the great arrangement and production guidance from George Martin.

    ©2015 Marc Platt (P)2015 Marc Platt

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