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    The enemy of my enemy is my friend...until they’re not. 

    Cassandra Station is space dust. Anthony Taulke and the Council tighten their grip on Earth’s resources to feed their ever-expanding empire. Inside the Council, jockeying to divide the spoils of corporate conquest has already begun - and so has the backstabbing.

    Meanwhile, we the people make our peace with a new normal: Nothing is within our control.

    But new forces are on the horizon. An unlikely Neo leader emerges, rumors swirl of a rebel military alliance, and General Graves gets sucked into a new impossible mission.

    The Expanse meets The Godfather in Hostile Takeover, the third installment in The SynCorp Saga, the dark sci-fi series about the corporate takeover of our solar system.

    Experience SynCorp. Experience our future.

    ©2018 David Bruns, Chris Pourteau (P)2021 Severn River Publishing

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