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    Since you haven't been offended by the last two installments of this #@!$%*-up Sci-Fi Military series, welcome back for a third helping of Martian Man-Grunter and cheesy doodles! Hooah!

    While the interstellar war with the Kasago escalates like a monkey's weenie in a Viagra testing lab, we find Major Joachim Merlot and his Battle Ready Android defending Earth against an alien race of stinking fishy creatures. This time Merlot is on a heavily fortified colony planet where everyone figured they were safer than a rectory shower room. As you may have guessed, their assumptions about being penetrated were a bit off course. Sort of like a blind chimp driving with a nine iron.

    ©2016 Saul Garnell (P)2016 Saul Garnell

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