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    Big-city Nate isn’t about to fall for a small-town man.

    An unassuming town. A huge development deal. Nate has it all figured out, until his car breaks down and threatens to ruin everything. The local mechanic has a way with his hands that fantasies are made of, but Nate can’t afford to get wrapped around Ian’s finger.

    A few sweaty nights tangled up together should be enough to scratch the itch, and the chemistry between them is hot enough to burn. But there’s something about the mechanic that keeps Nate coming back for more.

    When Nate’s boss puts the pressure on, he’ll need to decide if he’s ready to risk everything. Can he give up the deal of a lifetime for a chance at love? Or, will he sell the town and sell out his heart along with it?

    Get Home Truths and the rest of my amazing Love in Three Lakes audiobooks in the complete series bundle!

    ©2020 Special Fiction Books (P)2020 Special Fiction Books

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