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Hitwolf, Volume 2

Sprecher: Alex Beckham
Serie: Hitwolf, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 39 Min.

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It has been several months since veteran Green Beret Jim Slate escaped captivity at the hands of New Jersey mob boss, Michael Monzo. Employing a mercenary wizard, Monzo had transformed Slate into a werewolf with the intentions of using him as his own personal "hitwolf". But Slate managed to foil Monzo and fled to the New Jersey wilderness known as the Barrens. There he rendezvoused with three of his former army pals and related his harrowing experiences. Knowing the mob will never stop hunting Slate, the team heads for the swamps of Chambliss, Georgia to hide out. At their request, Slate turns Swede and Haines into werewolves while the third, Singer, opts to remain the solo "normal" one of the squad. Things turn worse when, through some Washington contacts, Slate learns he was betrayed by his former C.I.A. liaisons. Now they have added their considerable resources to the task of capturing him and the others. Determined to use their new-found abilities only to defend themselves against their enemies, Slate walks a delicate tightrope hoping the beasts he and his mates carry in their veins can be controlled. If not, then all hell will break loose and even the blood of the innocent will flow.

©2016 Fred Adams Jr. (P)2016

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