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    His Choice is book two in the HIS series and is a standalone.

    AJ Hamilton never expected his life to spiral so low. Tangled up with Baltimore's largest crime boss, the Magician, he is ordered to threaten a bothersome reporter. His attraction to Megan Rogers was unexpected, as was their heated encounter. AJ tries to warn her off. When she doesn't heed his advice, he's forced to protect her from herself. After witnessing something that puts their lives in danger, he kidnaps her.

    When AJ saves Megan from the clutches of certain death, they must go on the run to stay alive. Tensions are high and their passions flare as they fight to stay one step ahead of the Magician. As they put their plan to expose him into action, AJ is forced to make a choice. But no matter the option he chooses, he may not be able to protect her or their hearts.

    Due to the sexual content, this audiobook is recommended for mature audiences only.

    ©2015, 2017 Sheila Kell (P)2018 Sheila Kell

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