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    Enemies, lovers, or possibly both? A storm is brewing in the Scottish Highlands.

    Hawke is the son of the well-known and respected laird Storm MacKeefe. When the King's chronicler arrives at the castle to record the heroic acts of the MacKeefe Clan, Hawke decides it is time for him to be noticed. But before he can devise a way to get mentioned in the Highland Chronicles, disaster strikes. 

    A hunting trip turns into a deadly battle, and things go from bad to worse. Hawke is wounded and left for dead, and his grandfather, laird of the clan, is abducted by the enemy. In one final attempt to even the score, Hawke captures the MacNab's daughter when she tries to strip him of his belongings on the battlefield.

    Phoebe MacNab starts out on a journey to find the coveted rare herbs that will heal her dying father, but her escorts have other motives. Before she knows it, they've killed and abducted the MacKeefes, and she is taken captive by the enemy. If she doesn't find the herbs she needs and escape soon, her father will die. 

    However, after one kiss from the handsome Hawke MacKeefe, she starts wondering if she really wants to leave at all. 

    Will an unexpected attraction between enemies turn hatred into passion? And can one kiss be the catalyst to ending a lifelong feud, or will it only put Hawke and Phoebe in unfavorable graces, turning their own clans against them instead?

    From the author of the best-selling series Legendary Bastards of the Crown, Legacy of the Blade, and more comes a brand new series of Highland romance.

    ©2019 Elizabeth Rose (P)2020 RoseScribe Media Inc.

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