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    I wrote this introductory book based upon my real life experiences as a Cleveland real estate investor and flipper. I’ve been doing this since 2004 and have over 350 properties I did to this day. 

    There is nothing special about me or my real estate books, I just tell the truth - that’s my sales pitch. The truth is, this business is not for the light of heart. You need to be a very serious, fully committed person of strong mental fortitude to succeed in real estate cash flow or flipping, especially flipping. There are a lot of horrors that come with real estate wealth; the ones that can see through it can get really rich, sometimes fast. 

    1. Can you see past nightmare tenants? They can trash your apartment, bring bedbugs in, sue you, set up a meth lab, turn your driveway into a car washing lane! 
    2. Can you see through a trashed house to the finished product – knowing you have big money on the line? What about finding a buyer, what if the market changes? Appraisal? Financing?
    3. You think dealing with contractors is easy – do you really think they will respect you? HA! They won’t even show up for the first day of work.
    4. How about city inspectors... They love landlords!
    5. Professional property management companies are going to run the show for you, you can trust them. NO WAY! In fact, in my book, a professional management firm is guilty before proven innocent. 

    What experience do I have?

    • Section 8 Income Expert (So simple and routine, so little competition) 
    • Low Income Rentals ( The easiest money ever, if you know what you are doing) 
    • New construction foreclosure properties (My last deal was only $25,000. That previously sold for $150,000... Yes, this was in 2017.)
    • Hundreds of foreclosures and REO’s bought
    • Mining for deals using direct mail and Google Adwords (Yes, direct mail still works and very well)
    • Attracting cash investors through strategic channels
    ©2018 Valleywide Real Estate Investments (P)2018 Valleywide Real Estate Investments

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