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    “I’m used to hiding in the background...but he makes me feel like I’m the only man on earth.” 

    Beck Powell is used to skirting below the radar. Growing up with his abusive uncle has left him awkward and reclusive, clinging to the edges of the new life he’s built for himself in the small town of Harlan. But when he meets a mountain of a man who lights him up inside, Beck’s initial fear succumbs to a growing and ever-present attraction.

    “Shh, mi tesoro. He’ll never get to you again.” 

    Jamie Flores might look like a big, grumpy grizzly bear, but he takes his oath to protect and serve with all the dedication it inspires. A straight shooter who lives by the law, it kills him that Beck has ever known what it means to be afraid. Jamie’s patience and kindness are enough to break through Beck’s self-protective walls...but when both of their pasts come back to haunt them, can Jamie reach Beck before it’s too late? 

    They build them big in the town of Harlan, Colorado - where the winters are beautiful and the mountain men are gorgeous. Listen along as we join them in Harlan, where the pain of the past drips away as these sexy, rugged mountain men find their true loves and embrace a lifestyle of happily ever afters. This audiobook and every other audiobook in the For You series can be listened to in any order.

    ©2019 Special Fiction Books (P)2019 Special Fiction Books

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