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Herbs and Spices for Health and Healing

Alternate Treatments for Cancer, Diabetes,Heart Diseases and more
Sprecher: Robert G. Davis
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 15 Min.

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Herbs and spices that help you heal various health conditions:

  • Diabetes - Eat this regularly and keep complete control of your blood sugar and help with arthritis, cholesterol, and more
  • Cancer - Use these proven recipes, complete details provided, from world-renowned research scientists and medical doctors to be cancer free!
  • Cold and Flu - Learn about this new herb, commonly not known in the West, to cure cold and flu.
  • Weight Loss - These seven foods will do the weight-loss work for you!
  • Blood Pressure - Learn about this amazing herb to treat high B.P.
  • Heart Health - This simple homemade recipe will unclog your arteries.

Table of Contents

  • 1. "World's Longest Serving Physician, and Educator!"
  • 2. "Nature's Premium Nutrient for Healthy Blood Sugar"
  • 3. "Cinnamon and Honey"
  • 4. "The Cure for All Cancers - New Sources Recently Added for Dr. Hulda Clark"
  • 5. "Late Dr. Johanna Budwig's Recipe to Fight Cancer"
  • 6. "Hydrogen Peroxide and Its Common Uses"
  • 7. "Cure for Cold/Flu and More!"
  • 8. "Triphala - Wonderful Herb-Blend of Three Fruits"
  • 9. "These 7 Foods Will Do the Weight-Loss Work for You"
  • 10. "Ashwagandha"
  • 11. "Ginger"
  • 12. "Turmeric"
  • 13. "Banaba Extract"
  • 14. "Garlic"
  • 15. "Ginsing"
  • 16. "Homemade Recipe Will Unclog Your Arteries!"
  • 17. "Final Reminder"
©2013 Prem Chhatwani (P)2014 Prem Chhatwani

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