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    A practical and easy-to-listen book with detailed information on the most effective plants to fight viruses and bacteria. A large section is dedicated to the preparation and use of different remedies (herbs, homeopathic granules, and essential oils) to treat diseases with dosages, methods of intake, and any contraindications.

    By following the advice of this book on natural antibiotics, you can not only defeat, but also prevent the most common infections, from colds to flu, from bronchitis to abscess, naturally strengthening the immune system with specific supplements and ad hoc nutrition.

    The chapters in the audiobook include:

    • Nature Is the Best Defense Weapon
    • The Most Effective Remedies Against Viruses and Bacteria
    • How to Deal with The Main Infections
    • Eat Like This and Never Get Sick Again
    ©2020 Sonia Bastiane (P)2020 Sonia Bastiane

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