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    Could she get it done?

    In the wilds of Africa, all hell was breaking loose. There were riots and massacres, and in the middle of it all was one lone doctor determined to make a difference. Dr. Carys Adams was intent on saving a young mother's life, even if it meant operating in the worst possible conditions. It was going to take a miracle to save the newborn baby and keep the young mother alive. How was she going to get this little family transported to the hospital three days away? 

    Can he get them to safety in time? 

    Navy SEAL Cullen Lyons knew the moment he saw this stubborn, selfless woman treating her patients in a war zone, getting them to safety was going to take everything he had. When he convinced her the only way to safety was a dangerous journey through the hazards of Africa, he found out she was specifically targeted by the brutal rebels, which added a cherry on top. Will he be able to get Carys' patients to help before time runs out? Will he be able to keep Carys out of the hands of the rebels?"

    ©2020 Caitlyn O'Leary (P)2020 Caitlyn O'Leary

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