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    Love ruins everything.

    I saw it with my parents. I swore it would never happen to me. But Gallix makes me feel things I never imagined. He awakens desires I didn’t know were possible. I want him from the first moment I see him. The bad boy warrior is all wrong for me, but my heart knows he’s my mate. How am I going to resist that?

    They want a perfect, untouched human. I can’t stop myself from wanting Eve. I want to take her. Keep her. Make her mine. But it’s wrong. She’s meant for someone back on Lunaria. She isn’t meant for me.

    But that’s not the biggest problem. When an enemy attacks, we end up stranded on an uninhabited planet with little hope of getting home. I’ll lay down my life to keep her safe. Once I allow myself to taste her, there’s no way I’m letting her go.

    Her Fearless Captor is a steamy alien romance featuring a sassy heroine and the bad boy alien hero who can’t resist claiming her.

    ©2020 Special Fiction Books (P)2020 Special Fiction Books

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