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    For Isabella, she knew everything was about to change. With the rival biker gang on their toes, along with her career as a biker taking off, she knew there as far more at stake than she cared to admit. However, when Hannah and Ryan start to come forward, threatening the entire compound and bullying Isabella, the heat of the moment is near.

    When Isabella's life is put in danger due to this woman, things begin to change. She knows she's risking it all for both of them, but she knows at the same time that this is what she wants. Will Isabella stay in the race for her boyfriends? Or will she quit being a biker out of fear for their safety? And what about the beating in her heart, the flutter that she feels that makes her wonder if these two are something more to her? Find out in the final book of this biker threesome romance series.

    WARNING: These stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This audiobook is intended for adult ears only!

    ©2017 Bethany Dayna (P)2017 Bethany Dayna

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