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    The Ford name is everywhere, even in places where you don’t see it. It is ingrained in the American way of life. From the way we make our food to the way we think about cars, it all came from the mind of this Irishman from Michigan. 

    Henry Ford was a titan’s titan. In monetary terms, he was richer than the richest man alive today. Yet, he was the gentlest of souls and had the brightest of minds.

    This book covers his life from when his family immigrated to Michigan until his last breath. It recounts a life from the perspective of someone who wants to understand the genius and spirit within everyone. 

    If you want to learn how he thought and how he went about accomplishing what he did, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Henry Ford remains one of the best examples to follow in changing how we think and moving our life to a whole new level. 

    ©2019 CAC Publishing LLC (P)2019 CAC Publishing LLC

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