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    "Stay the hell out of Fort Worth."

    Those were the last words uttered by a dying man who was the boomtown's most recent sheriff. Rail-thin and half starved, desperate cowpuncher Jess Casey ignores the travel advice. Instead, Jess not only enters Fort Worth, he becomes the new sheriff, inheriting the body-riddled little slice of heaven called Hell's Half Acre, the wide-open, deadliest piece of real estate on the American frontier.

    Hell's Half Acre is home to Kurt Koenig and his gang-run empire of booze, prostitution, and wholesale slaughter. For Koenig, the only good lawman is a dead one, and he puts a pretty price on Jess Casey's head. For Jess Casey, that means war. Against him are the frontier's fastest draw and a host of murderous triggers. On his side are decades of rock-hard Texas living, a couple of ne'er-do-well deputies, and the good sense to do all his talking behind the barrel of a fast-blazing gun....

    Performed by Dylan Lynch, David Jourdan, Andy Clemence, Terence Aselford, Michael John Casey, Tony Nam, Marni Penning, Lily Beacon, Brad Smith, Colleen Delany, Duane Beeman, Eric Messner, Gregory Gorton, Jonathan Feuer, Katy Carkuff, Ken Jackson, Lawrence Redmond, Matthew Keenan, Nanette Savard, Nick DePinto, Richard Rohan, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Scott McCormick, Mort Shelby.

    ©2015 J.A. Johnstone (P)2016 Graphic Audio, LLC

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