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    That awkward moment when you saved the day but doomed the planet....

    It all went off without a hitch.

    Okay, so there were hitches. Lots of hitches. But Jarek got his exosuit back, and Rachel managed to - 

    Hey, wait a second....

    You don't want to read a bunch of spoilers, do you? Suffice it to say, that stupid alien egg was not full of candy.

    Now, [REDACTED] is in a coma, and our heroes have a tight-lipped raknoth telling them some fresh new hell is about to come raining down on their heads - one that gives even the raknoth nightmares.

    And that's when the strange ship shows up....

    No one knows where it came from. Only that it seems to be looking for something. And when it turns out that that "something" might be Rachel and that the ship's mysterious crew are harboring secrets about her mom's disappearance and the raknoth themselves....

    Well, it's safe to say their day's not about to get any less complicated. And one way or another, there's going to be hell to pay.

    This is a fun, action-packed adventure that will have you cheering for Team Earth and laughing at Jarek and Rachel's relentlessly stubborn banter!

    ©2017 Luke R. Mitchell (P)2019 Luke R. Mitchell

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