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    Heartificial Empathy, shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2019, explores the power of empathy, one of the most untapped levers of productivity in business. In the new tech-infused era, where companies continue to scramble with digital transformation, trying to be more customercentric and spurring innovation and growth, empathy is a killer app. Yet, it can't be taught. Empathy can only be learned. The same is true of both human beings and machines. Heartificial Empathy looks at some of the pioneering work being done on making bots and machines more sentient and empathic.

    It also grapples with the major business and ethical challenges associated with making organisations and machines more empathic. Heartificial Empathy attempts to lay out the business case and a path for putting more heart and empathy into business and machines for a healthier and more profitable future.

    In this audio version of the book, I’ve narrated it myself with the help of Amanda Seagers, and I’ve added some content exclusive to the audio format for what I hope you’ll find is a more interesting and engaging listen.

    ©2018 Minter Dial (P)2019 Minter Dial

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