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Health Secrets of India: Culture, Recipes, Natural Remedies

Autor: Thomas Longe
Sprecher: Dominic Carlos
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 42 Min.

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Discover the Healthy Secrets of India

Indian Eating Habits for Healthy Living

India has long been known to have created many Powerful Eastern Practices such as Yoga and Ayurveda. Central to this philosophy of inner health is the traditional use of Natural Herbs, Spices and Healthy Eating Habits in all aspects of living. Within this powerful book collection, learn about the Indian food culture, philosophy plus create your own authentic Indian dishes bursting with flavor!

Here are some Tantalizing Highlights:

Book 1: Herbs of India
  • Categories of Medication in India
  • Herbs in Cuisine
  • Indian Herbal Traditions
  • Skin Care Beauty Treatments
  • Natural Remedies for Ailments
Book 2: Spices in India
  • Indian Spices throughout History
  • Spice Route of India
  • Super Spices that Help You Lose Weight
  • Packed with more than 15 Indian Spice Recipes
Book 3: Indian Food Secrets
  • Explore the many Health Benefits of traditional ingredients
  • More than 20 Indian recipes from all regions
  • Learn how to make traditional dishes like Dum aloo, Poha, Kootu Curry

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