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    Childhood friends, Orion Matthews and Elliot Zeller lived in the same town and went to the same schools. Orion spend most of his afternoons at the Zeller Estate to escape his abusive parents. Their childhood crush faded, and they’re all grown up now, and closer than friends.

    But when Elliot finds out his own abusive parents are about to force him into an arranged marriage with Zacharias Astor, to benefit themselves, he’s devastated. And when Orion falls victim to Zacharias’ monstrous urges, he and Elliot must work together to help him heal and plan their revenge. But intimate healing and close quarters lead to a revival of old feelings. Will they be able to carry out the plan without their feelings getting involved? And what will be the consequences if they can’t?

    Trigger Warnings: PTSD and anxiety, abusive family dynamics, semi-explicit scenes of sexual assault, scenes and mentions of gore and violence.

    ©2019 Noah Harris (P)2019 Books Unite People

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