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    Psychotherapist and trauma survivor Jasmin Lee Cori offers new insight into trauma-related difficulties (including PTSD, depression, substance abuse), provides self-care tools, candor about therapy and medications, and addresses spiritual issues. While there are many different approaches to healing trauma, few offer a wide range of perspectives and options. 

    With innovative insight into trauma-related difficulties, Jasmin Lee Cori helps you: 

    • Understand trauma and its devastating impacts; Identify symptoms of trauma (dissociation, numbing, etc.) and common mental health problems that stem from trauma
    • Manage traumatic reactions and memories
    • Create a more balanced life that supports your recovery
    • Choose appropriate interventions (therapies, self-help groups, medications and alternatives)
    • Recognize how far you've come in your healing and what you need to keep growing

    Complete with exercises, healing stories, points to remember, and resources, this is a perfect companion for anyone seeking to reclaim their life from the devastating impacts of trauma. 

    ©2018 Jasmin Lee Cori,‎ Robert Scaer (P)2018 Hachette Audio

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