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Healing from Narcissistic Mothers

The Definitive "2 in 1" Guide for Daughters. Two Manuscript: Narcissistic Mothers + Self-Love Workbook for Women
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 32 Min.

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Recover from a narcissistic mother and begin your journey self-healing today!

Are you trying to heal from the pain and trauma caused by a relationship with a narcissistic mother? Looking for a powerful self-care book which will help you redirect energy back to yourself and focus on your own well-being? Then, keep reading!

In this definitive two-in-one audiobook, you’ll discover two detailed and comprehensive books for taking back control of your life. You’ll uncover how you can heal from past trauma, identify narcissists in your life, and free yourself from the abuse of a narcissistic mother. And you’ll also find out how to develop the perfect support system for self-love and self-care rituals to stop you from feeling drained and overwhelmed.

Inside book one, you’ll discover:

  • The signs of narcissistic personality disorder
  • The narcissistic mother - a profile
  • Ways to free yourself and heal from abuse
  • Steps for deciding on the future of your relationship
  • Steps to set boundaries and heal from trauma
  • Seeking therapy - how to find a therapist for you
  • Methods for evaluating your other relationships and thinking about the future
  • And much more!

And in book two, you’ll find:

  • Steps to create a self-love ritual (and why it’s important)
  • Methods for building the perfect support system
  • The power of a “what’s working for me?” list
  • Decluttering and cleaning your life
  • Ways how meditation and mindfulness can help you
  • Finding your happy place
  • The secrets of emotional intelligence
  • And much more!

So, don’t wait! Recovering from a narcissistic mother is possible. This audiobook arms you with the tools you need to reclaim your life, practice self-care, and redirect your energy back into your own mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Buy now to begin your healing journey today!

©2019 Desirée Shannon (P)2019 Desirée Shannon

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