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    The Headshot Online Box Set is a LitRPG adventure set in a post-apocalyptic virtual world featuring hordes of undead. It's perfect for fans of Daniel Schinhofen, Tao Wong, and C.M. Carney. 

    Headshot has just gone live, and the whole world's playing the new Artificial Reality blockbuster. Unfortunately, unless you can buy your way onto the Survivor's side, you can only participate as a Zombie. Each week, the forces gather to tear each other down to the bone...until, at week’s end, the Apocalypse is reset. 

    Ryan's played the Beta for months, but now that his favorite game has launched, he finds it consuming his life - even as he struggles to decipher whether or not there's actually a way to succeed if you're not willing to Pay to Win. 

    But he’s got bigger problems to deal with. There’s something sinister going on beneath the surface of Headshot, and it looks like he’s wrapped up in it whether he likes it or not. 

    Narrated by the award-winning Vikas Adam (Divine Dungeon Series, Ritualist). 

    Books included in the set:
    Book One: One in the Gut
    Book Two: Two in the Head
    Book Three: Three in the Heart

    ©2020, 2021 Aethon Books (P)2021 Aethon Audio

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